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Term/Front Definition/Back
1 Present Simple She works in a hospital.
Do you like chocolate?
Cats like milk.
He speaks Spanish fluently.
2 Past Simple I watched a movie yesterday.
They visited their grandparents last weekend.
She finished her homework before dinner.
3 Present Continuous I was reading a book when you called.
They were sleeping when you arrived.
She was cooking dinner while I was studying.
4 Present Perfect I have finished my homework.
She has visited Paris twice.
Have you ever been to Japan?
5 Past Perfect She had already eaten when I arrived.
They had left before we got there.
He had studied English before moving to London.
6 Future Simple I will call you later.
They will come to the party tomorrow.
Will you go to the concert with me?
7 Conditional Sentences - Type 1 If it rains, we will stay at home.
What will you do if you miss the bus?
If she passes the exam, she will be happy.
8 Conditional Sentences - Type 2 If I had more money, I would travel the world.
What would you buy if you won the lottery?
If she were taller, she could reach the top shelf.
9 Passive Voice The book was written by Shakespeare.
Are these cookies made by you?
The house is being painted by a professional.
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