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Term/Front Definition/Back
1 眼睛 Eye
2 鼻子 Nose
3 嘴巴 Mouth
4 耳朵 Ear
5 额头 Forehead
6 眉毛 Eyebrow
7 睫毛 Eyelashes
8 Face
9 面部特征 Facial features
10 脸颊 Cheek
11 嘴唇 Lips
12 牙齿 Teeth
13 舌头 Tongue
14 额头皱纹 Forehead wrinkles
15 太阳穴 Temple
16 下颌线 Jawline
17 下巴 Chin
18 短发 Short hair
19 长发 Long hair
20 发际线后移 Receding hairline
21 浅色头发 Light hair
22 深色头发 Dark hair
23 蓝眼睛 Blue eyes
24 胡子 Moustache
25 胡须 beard
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