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Term/Front Definition/Back
1 béret beret
2 soutien-gorge bra
3 blouse blouse
4 caleçon boxer shorts
5 chaussures shoes
6 foulard scarf
7 casquette cap
8 jean jeans
9 manteau de fourrure fur coat
10 costume suit
11 col roulé turtleneck
12 corset corset
13 gilet vest
14 chapeau hat
15 casque helmet
16 costume costume
17 chemise shirt
18 bottes boots
19 cravate tie
20 veste jacket
21 culotte panties
22 minijupe miniskirt
23 uniforme uniform
24 nœud papillon bow tie
25 pardessus overcoat
26 ceinture belt
27 pyjama pajamas
28 manteau coat
29 sous-maillot undershirt
30 bas stockings
31 collant, bas tights
32 gantelet glove
33 sandale sandal
34 chaussette sock
35 slip briefs
36 pantalon pants
37 jupe skirt
38 string thong
39 robe robe
40 soutane cassock
41 pullover sweater
42 écharpe scarf
43 turban turban
44 bouton button
45 capuchon hood
46 poche pocket
47 col collar
48 manchette cuff
49 jambe leg
50 semelle sole
51 manche sleeve
52 lacets shoelaces
53 fermeture éclair zipper
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