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Term/Front Definition/Back
1 apple manzana
2 pear pera
3 plum ciruela
4 peach melocotón
5 apricot albaricoque
6 cherry cereza
7 cherry cereza
8 strawberry fresa
9 wild strawberry frutilla silvestre
10 raspberry frambuesa
11 blackberry mora
12 gooseberry grosella de cabo
13 red currant grosella roja
14 black currant grosella negra
15 blueberry arándano
16 cranberry arándano rojo
17 grape uva
18 orange naranja
19 tangerine mandarina
20 nectarine nectarina
21 lemon limón
22 grapefruit pomelo
23 kiwi kiwi
24 banana plátano
25 pineapple piña
26 melon melón
27 watermelon sandía
28 mango mango
29 pomegranate granada
30 dactyl dáctilo
31 fig higo
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