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Term/Front Definition/Back
1 beat beat beaten
2 become became become
3 begin began begun
4 bend bent bent
5 bet bet bet
6 bite bit bitten
7 bleed bled bled
8 blow blew blown
9 break broke broken
10 breed bred bred
11 bring brought brought
12 build built built
13 burn burnt/burned burnt/burned
14 buy bought bought
15 catch caught caught
16 choose chose chosen
17 come came come
18 cost cost cost
19 cut cut cut
20 do did done
21 dig dug dug
22 draw drew drawn
23 dream dreamt/dreamed dreamt/dreamed
24 drink drank drunk
25 drive drove driven
26 eat ate eaten
27 fall fell fallen
28 feed fed fed
29 feel felt felt
30 fight fought fought
31 find found found
32 fly flew flown
33 forget forgot forgotten
34 forgive forgave forgiven
35 freeze froze frozen
36 get got got
37 give gave given
38 go went gone
39 grow grew grown
40 have had had
41 hear heard heard
42 hide hid hidden
43 hit hit hit
44 hold held held
45 hurt hurt hurt
46 keep kept kept
47 know knew known
48 lay laid laid
49 lead led led
50 lean leant/leaned leant/leaned
51 leave left left
52 lend lent lent
53 let let let
54 lose lost lost
55 make made made
56 mean meant meant
57 meet met met
58 pay paid paid
59 put put put
60 quit quit quit
61 read read /red/ read /red/
62 ride rode ridden
63 ring rang rung
64 rise rose risen
65 run ran run
66 say said said
67 see saw seen
68 sell sold sold
69 send sent sent
70 set set set
71 shake shook shaken
72 shine shone shone
73 shoe shod shod
74 shoot shot shot
75 show showed shown
76 shrink shrank shrunk
77 shut shut shut
78 sing sang sung
79 sink sank sunk
80 sit sat sat
81 sleep slept slept
82 speak spoke spoken
83 spend spent spent
84 spill spilt/spilled spilt/spilled
85 spread spread spread
86 speed sped sped
87 stand stood stood
88 steal stole stolen
89 stick stuck stuck
90 sting stung stung
91 stink stank stunk
92 swear swore sworn
93 sweep swept swept
94 swim swam swum
95 swing swung swung
96 take took taken
97 teach taught taught
98 tear tore torn
99 tell told told
100 think thought thought
101 throw threw thrown
102 understand understood understood
103 wake woke woken
104 wear wore worn
105 win won won
106 write wrote written
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